You might be suprised to learn that hpe* makes apps, let alone has a bunch of folks that are trying to change how the enterprise is experienced.

We’re in the business of building ideas, culture, and tools for the next generation of hpe customers and partners.

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hpe stands for hewlett packard enterprise, you might see a lot of that, we can’t always choose the name given to us, but founders of Silicon Valley isn’t too bad I guess.

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We provide design kits, icons, and sticker sheets for for a variety of hpe experiences on many of the popular design platforms so you can bootstrap your design process.

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our team

We’re a global team of designers with locations in Palo Alto, Fort Collins, Houston, Boston, Bangalore, and more.

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keep in touch

The story doesn’t stop here. We love meeting passionate community members and sending ideas out to the world. Let’s think design!

Meet us irl at design and develpment events near you or we can just use all the social networks that keep us all in our little bubbles.

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